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  Welcome to my website.
My name is Tatjana van Stijn,
and for a few years breather off the Shaded Silver -Chinchilla  persians.

Chinchilla Persian is one of the finest cats of all the Persians. The 
Chinchilla belongs to the "tipped" variety of cats. The color from a 
chinchilla cat looks white. If you see a chinchilla and a white Persian side by 
side, you will see the difference. The silver effect comes through the black 
tipping at the top of the hair. The chinchilla has black tipping 1/8 from the 
end of their hair shaft. While the shaded silver has 1/3 tipping from the end 
of their hair shaft. The most 
remarkable thing about a Silver Persian is their eyes. They have black lining 
around their eyes that make them look like they are wearing eye makeup. The eye 
color is unbelievably beautiful. It should be emerald green or blue green in 
color. The eyes should be wide open and round. The nose and lips are also lined 
in black. The nose leather is brick red. Unfortunately, most of the Chinchilla 
Persians do not have as heavy a body or weight as some of the other Persians.

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